Do even more with Zoho One in 2020!

When Zoho One was launched in mid 2017, this disruptive platform was known as the industry’s first to offer over 35 integrated cloud applications that help businesses effectively and seamlessly manage every aspect of their daily, end-to-end processes. Since then, they’ve promised to keep adding the latest software and services from the Zoho universe that can help to easily facilitate and manage all your business functions and activities including email & collaboration, sales & marketing, finance, HR, operations, business intelligence, and IT services & support.

The Zoho One platform currently supports about 50 third party apps, and the company is standing by its commitment of continually adding more. With a new Single Sign-On (SSO) service, Zoho One users can integrate almost any third-party application into their Zoho account, making it convenient for them to manage multiple applications from a single window. This new service also gives system administrators the option to enforce YubiKey authentication as an added security measure, to complement the existing multi-factor authentication process.

Better OS level support to simplify communication channels while boosting inter-company and customer relations

With an enhanced user interface design and the upgraded functionality of the Zoho One dashboard, the web app now gives both users and system admins alike, better options to organize their work.

Another exciting feature unveiled for Zoho One users in 2019 was Phonebridge, which delivers deep platform-level integration with multiple telephony service providers. This integration enables Zoho One users to connect their entire platform to their telephony provider service just once, thereby bridging the gaps between attending customer calls while performing other functions in separate apps. Phonebridge can connect more than 50 telephony vendors across all Zoho One apps. Contextual information about each caller is displayed when a call is engaged, so that their queries and issues can be addressed appropriately and in a timely fashion, without having to switch between applications. Voicemails are also logged as ticket items, so messages are retrieved and attended to in an organized fashion.

Introducing: New Zoho Apps

Orchestly – A customizable code-free workflow management software that allows Zoho One users to effortlessly create, automate, manage, and optimize business processes through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Zoho MarketingHub – An all-in-one marketing automation software that allows marketers to engage with customers across multiple channels, at every stage of the buyers’ journey. This software enables marketers to communicate with customers to educate and convert them using a variety of apps that are used every day for customer engagement. Marketers can customize their own buyers’ journeys according to their specific business needs, or utilize any of the pre-designed templates that come with the software.

Zoho Scanner – This application allows users to flawlessly scan and digitize any document. Now you can extract text from documents, as well as translate, e-sign and share them with ease, using messaging or email apps. Adding important documents and keeping them organized within your office workflows has never been easier.

Zoho One also made app management and provisioning even simpler in 2019. Now, the Zoho One admin panel allows provisioning for all 45+ Zoho apps, as well as custom apps that were created using Zoho Creator. This allows system admins to create specialized apps for different users in the organization, as needed, and monitor app utility. Reports on user activity, sign-on, app usage and account security can be run and used to identify and address anomalies, as well as to correct for underutilization.

We were thrilled to learn about these upgrades for Zoho One in 2019. We are also excited to know that more is still being done to deliver even greater enhancements to customers throughout 2020 and beyond.

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