You need to have your username or password recovered for your Act! database.

If you know your Act! database password, but are unsure of your username, proceed to How to Determine the Database Username.

If you know your Act! database username, but are unsure of your password, proceed to Username and Password Recovery.

If you are unsure of both your username and password, proceed to Username and Password Recovery.

How to Determine the Database Username:

There are two known methods for determining possible User names. You can use the Act! Diagnostics utility (if your user name is the same as your My Record contact field) to determine the last username used to attempt to login to this database.  Follow the steps below:

Using the Act! Diagnostics Utility to Determine Username:

  1. Click the Windows Start button, and then click Run. The Run dialog box appears.
  2. Type actdiag (ACT! 2007 and later), act8diag (ACT! 2006), or act7diag (ACT! 2005) into the Open field, and then click OK. The Act! Diagnostics utility launches.
  3. Click the Databases button near the lower-left corner. The Databases view appears:Note for Sage ACT! 2011 and later users: The “Database” and “Server” options have been relocated to the top toolbar. The following steps are the same regardless of what version of Act! you have installed.
  • Click the Audit Logs option in the left navigation bar. If the initial event type Contact – Combine Contact displays no data, click the Even Types drop-down list, and then click an event type that has been performed in your Act! database to populate the USER list.
  • Scroll down (if necessary) until you find a Username (other than Act! System) that you can use to login to your Act! database.
  • Note: The audit logs will display the Contact Name of the user, not the actual login username. By default, the login username is the same as the contact name of the user, but it may be different as the login name can be edited from within the software.

Note: When logging into your database, the username is not case sensitive.

Username and Password Recovery
If you are still unable to login to your database, you have a two options available to you.

Option 1: Act! Support Single User Database Password Recovery
Users with only one active database user and an active Act! Support plans can contact Support during regular business hours (M-F 8:30 AM-8:30 PM) at (877)716-6296.

Option 2: Act! Database Services

Database Services has the tools necessary to reset your password from both single-user and multi-user databases. Database Services is the only option for those customers without an active Act! Support Plan.

*Note: Username and/or Login Disclosure is a fee based service.

In order to recover a username or password, you will first need to download and complete the Login Disclosure form (Swiftpage_Act_Login_Disclosure.pdf) in the File Attachments sections at the bottom of this article. Follow the instructions on the form to complete and submit it.

Service Limitations

  • If you have an older version of ACT! 6.x and below, to receive Login Disclosure Service, you must be either upgrading to a newer support version of Act! or have a valid service contract.
  • We cannot guarantee the amount of time spent on the Login Disclosure Service.
  • If we determine that the database does not need Login Disclosure, or that the database is damaged, we will call you to obtain your approval before continuing any work.
  • If you decline the Login Disclosure Service before we reveal the Administrative Login (User Name and/or Password) to you, then you will not be charged unless you chose Priority Service, in which case you will be charged only a $50 non-refundable fee if work has begun.
  • •The service fee will not be levied until Login information is obtained and/or the disclosure is completed.

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