How to close open Apps on your iPad and iPhone

If you love your iPad but your just not as fond of it lately because it seems to run slower or the battery doesn’t last as long as you think it should, you are not alone.

It may not necessarily because your iPad doesn’t love you anymore, or that it’s getting old and tired…. It’s probably because it’s juggling too many open programs.

When you open an App and then click the home button and open another App, the first app is still running in the background.  At some point, you run low on resources and the poor little thing gets slow and sluggish.

I get these calls from clients and friends a few times a week.

This tutorial will show you how to close (or quit) any program running on your iPad or iPhone to free up those resources.

1. Start out by “double-clicking” the Home button on your iPad or iPhone. The Home button is the one at the bottom of your iDevice, as illustrated in the image below.

2. This will bring up the ‘list’ of currently running Apps – by way of an “App bar” at the bottom of your screen. Tap and hold down on any one of the currently running Apps (even if it’s not the one you want to close).

3.  You’ll notice that each App will start to “wiggle” and now has a small “minus sign” circle in the upper left corner. Tap the “minus sign” of the App you want to close/quit.

4.  That App will now close. NOTE: This will close the App, not delete it from your iPad or iPhone.

You can continue tapping the “minus signs” to close all open Apps, if needed.

5. That’s it!

This should keep your pretty little iPad or iPhone running fast and smooth like it’s all hopped up on sugar.



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